You will learn about declension of nouns and get help with conjugation of Russian verbs. Когда? Какому? (both) у, без, кроме, после, для, около, нет, из, с, от…до к, по в, на Part 1. Что? In this article, we explain the meaning of the word declension in simple terms. Conjugate Russian verbs with our conjugator. Mixed Какой? Test Russian adjectives (Cases, Gender, Comparative, Short version) If you want to learn Russian adjectives, their declension, short form and comparative this is the page for you! Adjective declension. Start typing in Russian and you will be suggested the words we have that match your search. Test is highly customizable so you can use it even if you are just starting to learn adjectives in Russian language. In the series of tables “Declension” you will learn Russian declension rules. (adjectives) Кого? Common negative pronouns and adverbs Negative existential pronouns and adverbs Verb conjugation. You will learn how to decline nouns, adjectives, and possessive and personal pronouns all depending on the gender and number of … Nouns and Adjectives 1.1 Declension of Nouns and Adjectives: Masculine and Neuter-ое, -ее + -о, -е Also, after the basics on r, k, x, the endings are different. (adjectives) Куда? We also explain how to apply this concept as you learn to speak Russian. Soft adjective endings in html or MS Word. This is explained in detail in the examples below. (nouns) Какого? Russian grammar is known to be very challenging because of variety of word forms. Now you can learn and practice declension of Russian nouns with us. Какое? At the moment we have declensions of 532 Russian words. This tool will help you to find all the forms of a noun in different cases with stress marks. Therefore we created lessons that clearly explain topics associated with understanding and using correct word forms. Regular adjective endings | old version of chart. Conjugate and learn declensions of verbs and nouns in various tenses including preterite, imperfect, perfect, future, past, and more. Russian (female), an ethnic Russian person (for other ethnicities living in Russia, see россиянин, россиянка) Declension [ edit ] Declension of ру́сская ( anim fem-form velar-stem accent-a … The adjective declination of adjectives in Russian is distinguished by the fact that the spelling of a particular ending depends on the letter to which the basis ends: on a hard, soft or hissing consonant. Pronoun declension Negative pronouns. Adjective declension.