I bought the diamond sharpmaker rods some time ago. These CBN rods are especially helpful with harder "supersteels" like Maxamet, S110V, and ZDP-189, saving lots of sharpening time initially before moving onto the Spyderco medium rods.Pay heed to the cautions about not applying too much pressure on your sharpening passes. Hallo zusammen, obwohl ich alle gängigen Schleifsysteme ausprobiert habe (Banksteine, V-Schärfer, Lansky, Durchziehschärfer inkl. See Diamond vs CBN rods grit - Spyderco Forums and CBN Rods - Spyderco Forums So the spyderco sharpmaker cbn SP204CBN rods/stones are about same grit as diamonds, 400 mesh , or 40 microns or P360 or J400 Apparently CBN rods aren't any harder to damage than diamonds , just use them dry with high force see CBN Rods - Page 7 - Spyderco Forums The CBN Rods for the Sharpmaker are more coarse than the diamond if I'm not mistaken. Hab seit kurzem auch die Diamant-Stäbe, die die Bandbreite wirklich gut ergänzen. The CBN rods have settled into a slightly finer grit/finish than the diamond rods--barely noticeable, though. 2) the grit jump from the diamond rods to the black medium ceramic was incredibly large resulting in another labor-intensive scratch removal step. I have heard that some people dont recommend getting the diamond rods for re profiling on the sharpmaker. (Not sure I have any 12C27, or have sharpened any 440 C in a long time but they should be fine). I hope this helps. Some say that attaching sandpaper to the rods will re profile the blade for you. CBN is just as hard as diamond and works approximately the same though in high speed cutting applications for some reason is harder than diamond. Vulkanus) hab ich mittlerweile den Sharpmaker als 'Eierlegende Woll-Milch-Sau', danke vieler Tricks, lieb gewonnen. Google Ken Schwartz, dude makes tons of strop pastes and shit out of the stuff. Any "how to" or recommendations on the type of sandpaper and how to actually pull this off? I want to take my blade from a 40 degree angle down to a 30. I should have quoted you earlier in my first reply but I have sharpened most of these steels with the Sharpmaker without problems, with good results and without needing Diamond or CBN. I found three problems with them: 1) the cut rate was vastly improved over the ceramic rods, but still impractically slow to reprofile many of my knives.