Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar: The body is similar to that of traditional Spanish guitars and these are also known as Hawaiian guitars. With a 6-string configuration, you're already familiar with the string gauges and tuning, and at this price, you can't lose. has a wide selection at great prices. Blackout Lap Steel Skateboard Guitar by SkateLap. ... C6TH TUNING SLIDE RULE CHART FOR 10 STRING LAP PEDAL STEEL GUITAR. The 2-octave scale provides more tonal flexibility than any Slide guitar that can be played standing up. Their design is specially made for horizontal playing. This guitar is also a great introductory item for guitarists who want to learn how to play with a slide. Acoustic Guitars. 1-17 of 17 Products . $769.99 $ 769. Looking for Lap & Pedal Steel Guitars? ElectroPhonic Innovations' Guitars are designed and built in Inglewood California, USA. Guitars. Did you mean: Guitar Slides. 03. It is a wonderful instrument and comes in three different types. When Price straps on his modified late-’50s Gibson Les Paul Jr., he becomes one of the best slide players in the business. But it is true that when Rod Price’s slide hand is in action, it isn’t easy to capture on film – as fans of guitarist and the legendary English band, Foghat, can attest. Gold Tone Lap Steel Guitar w/Hard Case. We use modern automated machining and old world hand craftsmanship to create a precision instrument that is also an inspiring work of art. At this price the guitar can be altered to have a high action, rendering the neck specifically set up for using a slide (a higher action means the strings are raised, and the slide will not be pressing down on to … March 22, 2005 – Rod Price (Foghat) was born November 22, 1947. (My electric guitars are strung with .012 sets with wound G strings.) Slide Guitars . Resonator Guitars. Peavey's "Power Slide" comes with its special "Y" strap and a padded bag to accommodate its "different" shape. If you want to grind out some deep grooves with that new slide on your finger, get some heavier strings on your guitar that will maintain pressure as you slide. National Guitars: These dobro-type guitars have square necks and possess a resonator which is a big aluminum cone for increasing volume. Slide guitar is different than shred guitar. Also, raising your action keeps your slide from clacking on the frets. 99. At the age of 21, Price joined the British blues band Black Cat Bones, replacing legendary Free alumni Paul Kossoff, which recorded one album, Barbed Wire Sandwich.The album was released at the end of 1969, when British blues was being supplanted by rock, and though artistically successful it was a commercial failure. FREE Shipping.