If your recipe calls for a drizzle of tahini, often a sprinkle of sesame seeds will give the same nutty flavour highlight. I prefer hulled (white) tahini because the flavour is much cleaner and nuttier. Good quality tahini is a treat for the tastebuds, boasting a subtly-sweet and nutty flavor with a well-balanced bite of bitterness on the finish. Also see see the Simple Ingredients Substitutes Index. The good news is that tahini is actually super simple to make and the homemade stuff is … The good news is that tahini is actually super simple to make and the homemade stuff is the best substitute for the store-bought variety. There’s no paste here, though, so it won’t do the trick when texture is what your recipe needs. It isn’t bitter to taste and could … If you want a closer match with more... 3. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. But since this substitute is oiler than tahini, you’ll likely need less of it—start with half the amount and adjust to taste. Just remember it’s much more watery than tahini so will make for a runnier end product. All add the creamy richness that you get... 2. Peanut butter is less bitter than tahini but has a similar consistency, so this is an easy and effective replacement. Like the more expensive nut butters, peanut butter does a fine job at providing silky smooth texture in tahini’s stead. I love it. Tahini is unique in itself, so replacing it is quite difficult. However a nice tangy yoghurt can work to add creaminess to sauces or hummus. Tahini adds nuttiness to sauces and dips and richness to desserts (try swirling a couple of tablespoons into brownie batter). If you have a salty sunflower seed snack hanging around for noshing purposes, you can make your own following the same instructions mentioned above for DIY tahini. Won’t work if you’re using tahini as a sauce or in large quantities like in hummus. Easy-peasy. You can use tahini straight its own, but it tastes better if it is mixed with fresh lemon juice, garlic, spices, and herbs. Join 39,339+ readers of my weekly newsletter and I’ll send you a copy of my printable Ingredient Substitute ‘Cheat Sheet’ and my 102 page eCookbook…, Warm Salad of Roast Pumpkin (Squash) & Chickpeas, Avo on Toast with Smashed Olives & Tahini, The Ultimate Guide to Vegetable Substitutes. https://cookingrecipeslive.com/what-is-tahini-sauce-substitutes-taste If you’re in need of a substitute for tahini, we have six tasty options. As a popular seed butter, sunflower seed butter is widely available. Join the discussion today. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Here are some tahini recipes where you could use this substitute: Best Tahini Sauce; Vegan Tahini Cookies Sunflower seed butter also works really well as a tahini substitute. Simply toast the sesame seeds ever so lightly on the stove until fragrant and golden; then transfer them to a food processor and blend with just enough oil to form a smooth paste that is thin enough to pour. The price tag is a bit steep when it comes to these spreads, but they have a mild richness that works well when substituting for the flavor and texture of tahini. Don’t worry, friends. It’s not perfect, but it does the trick in a bind. Substitute half of the tahini for peanut butter and half for olive oil (our recipe calls for 1/4 cup tahini, so 2 tablespoons peanut butter and 2 tablespoons olive oil). [dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #00adef;”] O[/dropcap]ne of my vices is eating tahini on a spoon. So what should you do when your recipe calls for this versatile ingredient and there’s none to be found? If you want a closer match with more sesame flavour, add a teaspoon of roasted sesame oil. In other words, it will give your food a decadent mouthfeel—no dairy needed. First though, what is tahini? RELATED: 12 Recipes with Tahini That Go Beyond Plain Old Hummus, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Utah monolith: Several explorers found its location, deep in the desert, AP PHOTOS: Pandemic calls off Christmas markets in Europe. All add the creamy richness that you get from tahini. The flavour profiles of these nut butters are slightly different but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sun Butter. Tahini is a paste or spread made from grinding sesame seeds. What’s A Good Tahini Substitute? In terms of taste, the effect is not identical: Both of these butters provide a similar nutty flavor but they lack the pleasant bitterness of tahini. Join the discussion today. This paste or thick spread is made from ground sesame seeds. That said, cashew and almond butter can make nice in most recipes that call for their sesame seed cousin. Simply blend some sesame oil into that seed butter and the resulting paste will be a convincing tahini imposter, both in terms of texture and taste. DIY tahini. Nut Butters. It’s like a sesame version of peanut butter. Cashew, almond, brazil nut or any combination of the above. True, something will be lost when you substitute tahini with Greek yogurt but depending on the recipe, that might not be such a bad thing. However, when I run out, there are plenty of good tahini substitutes. You can still cook up a heavenly mouthful of nutty flavor. To make your own tahini, all you need is sesame seeds and a neutral oil. Which may or may not be a good thing depending on how much you love peanut butter. It’s nutty and creamy yet has a slight bitterness which makes it more interesting. It’s a nutty, thick paste from toasted sesame seeds. Texture-wise, it resembles peanut butter but made from sesame. It's also used in the making of halva. Much stronger than tahini so use sparingly. But in terms of flavor, sesame oil is a pinch-hitter. However I find it slightly gritty which I’m not a fan of. This option isn’t great for recipes where tahini is used to offset sweetness—like when it’s drizzled on sweet potatoes or spread on toast with jam. When it comes to both marinades and salad dressings, sesame oil can save the day. As you may have guessed by now, tahini originated in the Middle East and it is a signature ingredient in many of their recipes. While it’s certainly treasured for its taste, tahini brings more to the table than just its distinctive flavor: This paste is also prized for its creamy, silky texture. Read the Tahini substitute discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Tahini food community. Unhulled tahini is browner in colour and has a more bitter flavour because the hull or bran are included. + Simple Hummus + Tahini Miso Turmeric Sauce + Lime & Tahini Kale Salad + Stuffed Sweet Potato with Tahini Sauce + Warm Salad of Roast Pumpkin (Squash) & Chickpeas + Avo on Toast with Smashed Olives & Tahini + Broccoli Hummus with Spicy Sausage + The Tahini Archives, + Tahini & Lemon + Tahini & Lime + Tahini & Garlic + Tahini & Greek Yoghurt + Tahini & Chickpeas + Tahini & Miso Paste. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. The flavor is stronger, however, so it should be used sparingly to mimic the mouthfeel of sesame paste and blended with sesame oil if possible, to better achieve the same flavor. (Sesame oil is the prime candidate for tahini recipes, but canola will work just as well in cases where texture and subtlety reign supreme.) Your best bet: Make your own tahini. Tahini is fairly simple to make and requires only three ingredients: sesame seeds,... A decent second choice: Sunflower seed butter. No premade seed butter on hand? Most famously as the nutty ingredient in hummus and babaganoush. Tahini Substitutes. Bottom line: When a recipe calls for tahini, it’s because it plays an important part in the flavor or texture of the dish, and sometimes both. (Note: If you whip your sunflower seeds with canola, your sauce won’t quite mimic the taste of tahini but it will have the same mouthfeel.) Smooth Peanut Butter. But for many other purposes (like in zesty dips and silky dressing), Greek yogurt has a thick and creamy consistency that closely mirrors the texture of tahini—just with a little extra tang. The Best Tahini Substitutes 1. Tahini is a well-known condiment in Middle-Eastern countries. You may know tahini as the star ingredient in hummus, but this sesame-derived sensation is so much more than that. Peanut butter has a much stronger flavour than tahini so it will dominate. Peanut Butter. I’ve made hummus with peanut butter and while it tasted completely different to regular hummus, it was still super delicious! If you have a high powered blender, you can grind your own sesame seeds to make super fresh tahini.