The focus of this workout is the pace. The bodyweight exercises (lunge and squat) will allow you to go faster, and preferably unbroken; the kettlebell exercises will require a slower/controlled pace, and you may need to break it into manageable sets. The best way to get started is to find a certified instructor and get qualified instruction from the beginning, if you can. KB Thrusters X15 reps. X25 reps one-armed kettlebell swings. When you’re shopping for workout gear, investing in a good, high-quality kettlebell is the best way to go. Practice each of the following techniques for 5 minutes in short sets: Swing . b. a. When pressing, the body of the kettlebell rests on top of the forearm. Need a way to get started? KETTLEBELL WORKOUT: NO WAY OUT SCALING. Here's three exercises to get you used to hefting the kettlebell's weight around. Also, for something like the presses, the way the kettlebell is held makes it easier to handle. Unfortunately, many kettlebell pioneers have lost their way by becoming distracted by the fancy, wacky, weird, or novel. Turkish get up – is yet another one of those exercises that no one knows about despite being an amazing kettlebell exercise. Kettlebells don’t hurt your back—the way you bend over does. And by losing sight of the "linchpin", they may be threatening the survival of the kettlebell experience. Kettlebell circuit. X3 rounds. How to Use this 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout. Here are some useful tips for purchasing the right kettlebell: Advanced – use 10-20kg kettlebell . (Use lighter KB’s) Overhead KB walks. (Use heavier KB’s). Walk 25yds. After all, you certainly don’t want to be slinging a cheap kettlebell around your body and head. All exercises alternate between left and right sides in order to prevent developing muscle imbalances.. If you learn the proper way to use a kettlebell, I can guarantee you’ll discover for yourself, what’s so special about kettlebells. Walk 25 yds and back with KB’s in the ‘racked’ position. EXPERT TIPS. The kettlebell get up – a.k.a. Kettlebell walks. This will ensure you get started off the right way and get results, faster and more safely than trying to figure it out on your own. 24 Snatches (12 each side). So, what is the linchpin of kettlebell training? Beginners – use 5-10kg kettlebell. Have one KB pressed overhead and carry one KB by side. There are ten exercises used with this kettlebell 10 minute workout. They’ve forgotten about the "linchpin."