It was great fun! Best regards, Norman. Making a Homemade Travel Ukulele. I tried to crate a 15in (381mm) fret plan with 12 frets and it is exactly the same as your 15in fret template here above.. [email protected] Difficulty: Advanced Cost: $$ A lot of people seem to like my travel ukulele. A2? Thanks for any pointers! thank you very much. Hard is better than too soft. Was trying to find on other site. I do see some 40mm ones mentioned for a base guitar. Thank you so much for everything you post on your blog – I’m so inspired! Questions: Do you have a fret board layout for the tenor size? One question three turnaround must be metal made our i can use stupid too? ), but it plays really well and is as tough as a tank. Three questions; I read above you say the narrowest end of the neck is 40mm. I would take some scrap wood and see if it can take frets without compressing. Any chance you have an updated link? I plan on sharing the tenor fret template on the blog in a future post. With the output jack slid out and if i wrap my hand around it, the buzz completely disappears and it sounds great. Hey! Hey Bob, Yes, but installing the jack and drill the hole for the piezo might be hard. See the plans here. Have made a Cigar Box Guitar and a Canjo so this will be something different. Switched wires was going to be my guess. This looks like an awesome project. I’ll adapt the plan for it. The tattoo grips turnarounds are a little different spacing than a normal ukulele bridge. Now I get it for the tattoo grip. Really hard wood. Ah, you’re using two of the “nut” parts for each uke, with the piece of “all thread” #10-24 you cut? bit of foam, perhaps? Do you happen to have a tenor ukulele fret template to print on a larger single paper sheet? I'm starting on a build of my own soon and am gathering parts. You need friction tuners, piezo rod, endpin jack, angled aluminum and styrene tube for the bridge, fretwire, Chicago bolts, turnaround made from a tattoo grip from eBay, and a strap button. When setting the bridge from the nut (inches), what scale are you using to set the bridge? Here is a list of 13 practical tips for how to travel with a ukulele for you. I’ve used inexpensive ones from eBay with great success. Thank you Daniel I built a tenor version and having some difficultly find the right size strings to get a good low G sound with the right tension and the increase in string length due to the turn back – Any suggestions? Check out the travel uke in action: Metal works, but you could also 3D print it, make it with a hard plastic, or even use a hard wood. If you want, I can share a 3D printable file for the turnaround piece. So for the fret wires you suggest to use 2.790mm/1.400mm (code 6100) for zero fret and let’s say 2.000mm/1.000mm (code 6260) as shown in this dunlop chart? It isn’t beautiful because I had to use mostly hand tools (hand saws, rasps, files, etc. Also, the spacing between the grooves is much tighter then on a standard ukulele. Cherry would also work. I’m not going to write step by step plans on how to build it, but I will give give some hints and helps. In 2011, I started emailing the instructions for the “DIY Travel Ukulele”. What kind of wood have you used here ? The zero nut works in the same way a capo works. It would also work with metal strings. I scrolled through some searches but can’t seem to find it. Print out the body template below. Many thanks, Norman. … But now I use half of a small rivet to reinforce the holes. Pingback: Secret Project Unveiling! Send an email to [email protected] and I can send you it. Such terror! Please send the instructions as soon as possible :-). With the Piezo in the tube, do you find it rattles at all? Can you list down the parts? Also called binding posts Just decide whether to point the knobs in or out. Overall length of tenor instrument from tip to tail?