Add water, the ratio is 1 part powder to 1 part water but directions suggest experimenting to find your ideal mask … Cress has a high content of biotin and potassium, which makes it an effective hair loss treatment. Scientific name: Nasturtium officinale. Le Erbe di Janas Watercress & Amla Restructuring Hair Mask 50 ml, 125 ml. It also has high levels of Vitamin A, which nourishes the hair shaft and promotes the growth of new hair . Hence, drinking watercress juice or applying the extract to your scalp helps boost hair growth. This watercress & spirulina detox mask is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!!! You can apply watercress extract to your scalp for an hour or two before hair … Alkemilla Eco Bio Cosmetic Strawberry & Cream Restoring Hair Mask 200 ml. Benefits of watercress: Reduces hair … Ideal for damaged hair Hair loss treatment Strengthens the roots $10.86 - $20.43. It comes in an off white powder form inside of a heavy jar. It actively promotes hair growth. It also prevents breakage and improves scalp health. Boost a clearer complexion with Naturopathica's Watercress & Spirulina Detox Mask. Formulated to combat breakouts, large pores and oiliness, this distinct face mask is powered by watercress, spirulina … Recommended for dry & damaged hair … 26) Watercress. 4.1 (55) Special offer. In stock. Watercress balances the hormones which aid in hair growth.