However, if the growth rate is under eight inches, you should use some fertilizer rich in nitrogen. Hours of Operation Water your palm deeply on a periodic basis. Deciduous and citrus trees generally need to be fertilized three times during the year; in February, May and August. Do not over-fertilize, as this can make fruit less juicy, with thicker peels. Although, fertilizing trees in Arizona in July doesn’t have as much chance to harden and more susceptible to damage from cold temperatures. Saturday: Closed Continue feeding it for up to six weeks. A must for healthy growth for any citrus tree. It is a great fertilizer for roses, trees, shrubs, bedding plants and indoor our outdoor containers. Apply the Early spring is the best feeding time but only use … Hi-Yield Bone-Meal; along with Hi-Yield Blood Meal contain natural nitrogen phosphorous and make up a combination of fertilizing products that are great for any flowers, shrubs and a must for your vegetable garden. Sunday: Closed Apply ½ inch of compost for the top-dressing to help build the root system for your grass. Start-N-Grow Premium Plant Food; this natural product is a slow release plant food. Earth Day 2020! However, there is an exception if the soil is sandy. Fertilize your plants, shrubs, trees and lawn to stimulate root growth, which will help your plants survive the winter and recover earlier in the springs. Arizona’s climate is well suited to growing all manner of citrus, including navel oranges, grapefruit, lemons and tangerines. Hi-Yield Bone Meal is derived from steamed bone meal and slowly delivers natural phosphorous to help develop growth and maintain a hardy root system. Palm trees might not be native to Arizona but they have become one of the icons for many homes and business parks. Queen Creek, AZ 85240 Keep your lawn cut to about two or three inches to produce healthy grass roots. You can count on Lilly Miller to get your citrus trees off to a great start. Mixed fertilizers contain three main ingredients that are like multi-vitamins for your plants: There are many types of different fertilizers. Map & Location, Contact Us: (623) 581-9430 If you want to get the green lush lawn that makes a house feel like a home this product is perfect. 40370 N. Gantzel Rd. K = Potassium, which assists the plant in manufacturing and digesting food. The Green Goddess has a huge selection of different types of plant foods and a representative is always there to assist you. This product helps produce lush trees and delicious fruit. 480-892-7939, Your email address will not be published. You should apply nitrogen in the growing months of May, June, July. By cutting the grass too low, you will cause them to die quicker and it can result in patches being left. P = Phosphorus Helps stimulate and support strong development of fruits, blossoms, roots and stems. Some Green Goddess fertilizing products are: Before using any fertilizer, carefully read the instructions. Available in 20 lbs bags it has a 12-8-4 analysis. “Blood Meal” is a natural source of nitrogen and helps to create greener plants and faster growth. Adapted from and replaces: Chott, G., Chard, C., Bradley, L., 1998. Yes, 15-15-15 fertilizer can be used on citrus trees in Arizona .. fertilizer for citrus trees when do you fertilize citrus trees in florida best time to fertilize citrus trees in florida . Good for use in spring, summer, and fall this product is designed to give your majestic trees everything they need to stay looking regal. Loaded with nitrogen, a must for all fruit trees. The best months for fertilizing are Feb. May, and Sept. Cherry Tree Fertilizing: If your cherry tree has consistently grown more than eight inches, fertilizing is not required. Starting in February, apply the food and check for signs of tree health, such as bark and root condition. Spread annual rye grass seeds on your lawn in the warmer season for adding color throughout winter, while reseeding the lawn on thinner areas. This product is formulated to help your new lawn grow faster, stronger, and be greener. Fertilize citrus trees in Arizona three times a year with the same amount of fertilizer each time, in February, May and August. When you need help with answering any fertilizing questions or advice on products, your AP Nursery specialists are ready and willing to help. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we understand the need and importance of fertilizing and have compiled some key information to pass along to you. This super plant food feeds your plants up to 6 full months. Not only does it help your lawn grow greener and more thick but it helps kill the weeds growing along side the blades. Happy Frog is a granulated, easy to use fertilizer that gently releases vital food along with helping your plant fight off disease. This product has a 7-22-8 analysis. Available in either 4 lbs or 20 lbs bags this product has a 19-10-5 analysis.