Naloxone is a prescription drug, but in most states, ... and if your insurance covers naloxone, the co-pay at your local pharmacy could be as low as $0. First responders  are seeing the same people overdose time and time again. Soon, with newly approved state funding, people who come to any St. Elizabeth emergency room suffering from a heroin overdose will leave with a Narcan rescue kit, free of charge. Furniture Fair Power Pack Feed Our Children. It’s a question being raised around the country as cities and towns large and small wrestle with how the heroin epidemic is draining their resources. DAYTON, Ky. – Should heroin addicts have to pay for the Narcan used to revive them? Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. "If it was their son or their daughter, they would want that kit right next to them. 03/11/2015. You might not think Mary Day would be in favor, but she is. That 20 seconds, that two minutes may be the difference of reviving them or not," Stieritz said. supervision of, a licensed pharmacist.” PA S.B. Sandi Kuehn, president and CEO of the Center for Addiction Treatment, agrees. At that point, they hope to send every overdose patient's family home with two free vials of Narcan and the instructions they need to save a life. "I think when a person gets better and continues that treatment and has their disease at a standing point, it would be good for us to be able to give back what was so freely given to us," said Day. As the law is currently written, the petitioner is obligated to pay all costs incurred in the process as well as for treatment and must sign a guarantee for payment. Paul LePage (R) has pushed to make overdose survivors pay for their Narcan. They are available 24 hours a day. Naloxone (pronounced na-LOX-own) is a fast-acting drug used to temporarily reverse the effects of opioid overdoses. This gives them the chance to ask for help," Stieritz said. During the pandemic, demand for Narcan has risen. "If my son relapses, it is here. It has cost them more than $6,500  since January compared to a little more than $1,000 this time last year. Naloxone, commonly referred to as Narcan or Evzio is a "medication designed to rapidly reverse opioid overdose." Naloxone: 0.4/mL naloxone for IM injection is available in two forms from Hospira (NDC 0409-1219-01 for 10mL multidose vial and NDC 00409-1215-01 for 1mL single dose vial) 2mg/2mL naloxone is available from IMS/Amphastar (NDC 76329-3369-1). Now it’s not uncommon to give five doses. The program is funded using settlement money from a pharmaceutical lawsuit. "If it hadn't been for Narcan, I wouldn't be here," the addict struggling with recovery says. Who Pays for the Treatment? Medicare paid more for opioids than did Medicaid or private insurance. How does naloxone work? "For this month, we already made nine, so we're averaging one a day," said Capt. Casey's Law. We suggest that employers consider the foregoing when determining … I mean, I wouldn't mind paying for what saved my life," Day told WCPO. A new state program in Kentucky is giving three hospital systems enough money to provide free Narcan kits to patients who come to the emergency room for an overdose.St. This is the concentration that is used for IN administration. Can you believe that?" Macey Joe Mullins. But Adkins say charging addicts for Narcan may not help if they don’t have the money to pay. Why shouldn’t addicts pay? According … “You would get one dose of Narcan and that would pretty much reverse the effects,” said Adkins. Elizabeth officials said it will take about 30 days to get the Narcan kits ready to go. Let's talk about it. Machaela Ballard. That 20 seconds, that two minutes may be the difference of reviving them or not," Stieritz said.Stieritz said it was thanks to Narcan that his son still has hope for recovery. "(It was a) horrible night, unbelievable; probably one of the worst things we ever lived through," said David Stieritz as he remembered the first time his 21-year-old son overdosed five years ago.Since then, it's happened two more times, and each time, the drug Narcan, which reverses the overdose, was close enough to save his son’s life. Each individual dose costs about $70, which the facility pays for with its two revenue sources including billing and a tax. You choose how much to pay, if you pay at all. The company already sells naloxone without a prescription in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Often, small employers will provide orientation training to new employees and mistakenly not pay them if they fail to pick up the skills they are being trained. She says she has been clean less than three weeks. "I think the reality is most people who are going to be revived by EMT are not going to have the resources to pay that pay, so it would be an effort in futility," Kuehn said. Medicare and Medicaid pay a significantly larger share of expenses for opioid pain relievers. The Lexington fire department, which uses city money to pay for naloxone, is one of many Kentucky agencies spending more on the drug each year. Copyright 2017 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Drug Overdose Medication. The judge in that case ordered all settlement funds to go toward treatment. "Whereas if we give it to them, we know that we're putting something in the community that's going to save a life rather than giving them a prescription where they have to hunt for something to save a life," St. Elizabeth Healthcare Nurse Manager Ashel Kreutzkamp said. DAYTON, Ky. – Should heroin addicts have to pay for the Narcan used to revive them? A Dayton city council member floated the idea this month. In the past, families leaving the ER would have needed a prescription and would sometimes have had to pay to get it filled.