The moon rules our emotions, and the full moon can amplify them dramatically, which can lead to a mix of miracles, mayhem—and, at times, madness. I don't get frustrated with myself or think I'm faulted for feeling the way I do - I just let my emotions be. Because this phase tends to create energy, many people are unable to sleep during a full moon cycle. There have been several studies done that show emotional changes in humans during the full moon. Each month, the lunar cycle goes from a full moon to a new moon, moving itself in various positions and dictating our moods, sexual desires, and even reproductive tendencies, some scientists believe. This could be highlighted even more if the full moon is also taking place in an energetic zodiac sign, like June 17’s Sagittarius full moon for example. Tomorrow, we welcome the full Beaver Moon back into our sky. And while scientists claim the full moon has little effect on our emotional state, many beg to differ. The Full Moon Affects Your Mental Health. For example, if you have a Full Moon in your 3rd house of communications and local travel, the energy could also affect the opposite house which is the 9th house of long distance travel, legal matters, insurance. More details of how to regulate an irregular menstrual cycle with the help of the Moon can be found in Louise Lacey’s LUNACEPTION. During a full moon, the radiant moon’s glow in the sky is brighter than at any other time of the month. This is known as polarity. So, if you find yourself suddenly busting out in tears or feeling more anxious during the full moon, this could be why. Feeling more than just a little emotional isn’t the only affect a full moon could have; it can have physical affects as well. It is known that the light of a Full Moon affects the level of melatonin we produce, so may affect our sleep by an average of 20 minutes. The energy of the Full Moon usually affects the opposite house in which the Lunation occurs. The full moon can make it harder to sleep, so the nights of and around the full moon are more likely to being insomnia (one sleep study showed that melatonin levels were lower at the full moon and people woke up feeling less refreshed). It’s important to note this polarity. One of those influences, studies show, is the moon—a satellite of the earth that rotates around us in a 29.5–day cycle thousands of miles away. Many people comment that they are more accident prone, emotional, or erratic at this time. It’s said that the moon’s gravitational pull brings an increase of social tension and disharmony. First, I want to take you back in time so that you could understand one reason why mankind has linked a full moon to a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is also true that emotions are heightened! Tomorrow is a full moon in Aquarius and to deal with it I took the morning off work and slept in until 1-2pm!