Previously, she served as a communication specialist in the nonprofit field. Tomato plants producing pear-shaped, sunny-yellow fruits Perfect for families, these plants will produce unique, sunny-yellow , pear-shaped tomatoes . Plants produce bright yellow, pear-shaped cherry tomatoes with a sweet, mild flavor. You can’t really beat a fresh tomato salad. Water the soil directly after laying down fertilizer to allow the nutrients to soak into the soil, then replace mulch. Set a wire tomato cage into the garden soil so that the tomato plant is centered within the cage. Full of flavour, each tomato is small in size; ideal for adding a summerly pop of colour to salads, pastas, and even pizzas. Helston, Cornwall, TR12 6BD, © 2016 Rocket Gardens  |  Website by Liminal Design. Yellow Pear Tomato Plants bear very tasty, pear-shaped fruits with color that stands out in salads, sliced or in preserves. Douglas has worked as a staff reporter for the Lakeville Journal newspaper group. Side shoots – as the name suggests, these are the shoots that come off from the main stem. Yellow pear tomato plants may bear small fruits, but the vines themselves are anything but compact. Cordon – this refers to tomatoes upright tomatoes. Pinch off lower leaves, if necessary. Delivery Info: Available to order now for delivery in Spring 2021. Train vines to reach the top of the wire cage and drop over the sides. Regularly harvesting the yellow pear tomatoes once they turn ripe encourages the plant to continue to produce more fruit. You will receive an email to let you know that your order is ready to be dispatched and another on the day your plants are packed and leave us, so you know to expect and prepare for their arrival. The roots may be dry, so give them all a good drink of water by submerging the roots for a few minutes in a container of clean water. Easy to grow, quirky and colourful These little fun sized tomatoes are easy to grow and are packed full of flavour and rich in vitamins. All our plant orders are dispatched with an overnight courier* to mainland UK and do not need to be signed for when they are delivered, but will be left somewhere safe. Lay them out into their respective plant types (e.g. The spacing is slightly dependent on the variety you choose, and we’ll advise you what’s best for your baby tomato plants when you receive them. Growing Tomatoes in the Home Garden; University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Water them well! The tomato is a vigorously growing plant with attractive foliage resembling the potato, its cousin; The plants have a decided odour caused by gland hairs on the stems and leaves, which give off a strong-scented oil and stain when broken; The fruit is borne on spurs, which develop directly from the stem Use the per-plant or per-square-foot amount recommended on the package. If you're planting yellow tomato pears in recently fertilized soil, or where nitrogen-releasing legumes have been growing, use less fertilizer when the fruits begin to emerge. Rake aside any existing mulch and set the fertilizer around each plant or in front of each row of plants, in narrow bands. Make sure you add some kind of organic fertiliser to wherever you plant your tomatoes as they do like to be kept well fed. The yellow pear may be new to your garden this year, but it is an old, heirloom tomato. In fact, vines can reach as tall as 12 feet. To cook them in sauces or to make savory yellow tomato "jam," slice the pear-shaped tomatoes down the center, lengthwise. 99 Plant database entry for Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum 'Yellow Pear') with 19 images, 7 comments, and 42 data details.