It should be able to fit in most computer cases, and will be a card to look out for especially for those who are looking to build a small form factor PC. $229.99. As a graphics card that's priced as solid midrange material, we weren't expecting a whole lot of flash out of Zotac's GeForce GTX 1660 Super Twin Fan, and that's exactly what we got after we opened the box... Aesthetically speaking, this double-slot-width card looks similar to any other card in the Zotac Twin Fan family, with a black plastic shroud that holds two fans inside a housing that measures 6.8 inches long. Even though AMD targeted the same segment with their new Radeon RX5500 graphics card, they have only made it available through PC manufacturers. And our Zotac representative card is just $10 atop that. "By Tech Enthusiasts, For Tech Enthusiasts". (We’ve seen Gigabyte’s GTX 1660 only reaching a max temperature of 60 degree Celsius on the same stress test.). Some subtle differences in the memory clocks, bandwidth, and memory types set it apart the top two lines from the standard GTX 1660. It’s a great performer when it comes to gaming on 1080p resolution. In this test the GTX 1660 Super's boosted memory clock and upgrade to GDDR6 really got a chance to shine, showing just how substantially better it is than the GDDR5 in the GTX 1660, but also coming in shy of what we saw from the GTX 1660 Ti. AMD, for example, has already announced a Radeon RX 5500 for later this year, though details are scarce. Considering Shadow and Rise both run on the same engine, I'd imagine that some of the driver quirks that are messing with Shadow of the Tomb Raider might have carried over here. La carte graphique Zotac GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER TWIN FAN s’appuie sur le processeur graphique TU116 et propose 1408 coeurs CUDA et 6 Go de mémoire. Some driver wrinkles in a few test games show scant improvement over GTX 1660. Siege ran just as quick as CS:GO, and just barely missed the mark of 240fps in 1080p (for today's highest of high-refresh panels). Unsurprisingly, Counter Strike: Global Offensive had no problems pushing this card to its limits. There isn’t any sort of fancy RGB lighting or designs that are out of the way. Version améliorée de la GTX 1660 (avec plus de processeurs de flux, des fréquences plus élevées et une bande passante mémoire plus large), elle s’appuie sur la puce graphique TU116 , de la VRAM GDDR6 , une interface mémoire 192 bits et 1408 Cores CUDA . Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 vs. AMD Radeon RX 590: Which Mainstream Graphics Card to Buy? Solid price-to-performance ratio for 1080p gaming. Don't be shocked, folks: this one looks to be down to some poor driver optimizations. With the GTX 1660 Super being the budget-to-midrange card it is, we weren't expecting it to smash any records in this department and graded it with that consideration in mind. Write your review. Here at The Tech Revolutionist, we go deep into technology to look at how things work, and how it affects the society today. Far Cry 5 results were far less surprising, delivering numbers exactly in parallel with what we saw in the synthetic benchmark tests. The GTX 1660 Super upgrades the original GTX 1660 from GDDR5 memory to GDDR6, while nearly doubling its clock speed from 8Gbps to 14Gbps and increasing its bandwidth from 192GBps to 336GBps. ZOTAC decided to keep it simple with GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Twin Fan. Synthetic benchmarks can be good predictors of real-world gaming performance. The results have shown that the GTX 1660 SUPER outperforms the GTX 1660 all the games which we have tested. This also shows how video memory performance can result in a difference in frame rates. For our benchmark results we wanted to focus some of our efforts on the esports aspect of the GTX 1660 Super's abilities, as much of the press from Nvidia has centered around its ability to push 1080p multiplayer games to their highest-possible frame rates.